Thanks for visiting my Portfolio.

Hello my name is Gary Davis, also Known as Maniak_uk.
I developed my passion for Art at an early age, starting with inks, pastels & charcoal drawing’s, before discovering computer graphics, which has now been a self taught love of mine for over 20 years. During those years I have introduced the Wacom tablet into a lot of my creations, which has been an enjoyable learning curve.

It is always a challenge trying to find new and exciting ways to express my creativity, so in 2012 I decided to expand into tattoo art, this was a challenge to say the least. With many exciting drawing’s flowing and lots of ideas I thought it was about time to get into the actual tattooing. Much to my surprise I created two large art pieces on myself!!, and am very proud to say lots of other’s too.

As if I was not busy enough I then decided to start sculpting, which has brought me endless hours of frustration along with a great sense of achievement once the sculpture is complete!
Although I have my hands full, I am always looking for new and exciting ideas, photography is next on the agenda.

I was lucky enough to have created a GFX Site called Pimped-Pixels which I run along with a very talented group of friend’s. We are joint by many amazing artists, of which can be seen via the link below.

When creating my graphics I use a programme called Photoshop CS6, as do many of the other artists on the Graphic site.

At Pimped Pixels we run a school where we teach people how to use Photoshop and expand on their skills. If you have an artisitc flare, and want to learn new things then please come and check out Pimped Pixel’s we would love to see you there … !

I am a freelance graphic designer so if you have any future design requirements then please send me an email, and we can discuss your ideas 🙂
You can follow me and my art work via Twitter: https://twitter.com/Maniak_uk

You can also view more of my work by following the links below.

 photo Mind Blowing_zpsoh33lhsk.png


21 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome tags.=D One of my favourite tag is the one on the “About” page. would be awesome if you made a tutorial out of it.

  2. This one very impressed me, as all your tags. Your work is truly inspiring, your creativity, skills and talent are big.

  3. Remember the dragon you done on my wall lol. Sent u a friend request of my girlfriends Facebook. Hope your doing well fella

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